Imagination... A Women's Fingerprint Crossbody Bag

Imagination... A Women's Fingerprint Crossbody Bag

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  • Smooth faux leather

  • Adjustable webbing shoulder strap with gold-tone clips

  • Exterior zip pocket on the back and interior slip pocket

Our Crossbody Bag blends style with functionality so you don't have to compromise. The gold-tone clips add class to a large, practical purse, while the adjustable shoulder strap ensures you can wear it any way you want. With all-over printing capability on the front panel, this bag was made for your design.


  • SIZE 9.8"(W) x7"(H)x x 2.4"(D)


Imagination... A Women's Fingerprint

By definition imagination means the faculty or action of forming new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses, this is what creates Business Owners Steadfast and Strong.. Welcome to the Imagination series for She's The B.O.S